School Based Program

School Based Program

Wind River Family & Community Health Care (WRFCHC), also known as Wind River Cares, in collaboration with Fremont County Schools is proud of our S.T.A.R.S (Students That Are Receiving Services) Program. This is our School Based initiative to provide preventative health care, which is our main priority within Wind River Cares. Our mission is to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle for our youth. We are dedicated to making sure that your child in school is receiving the best and necessary healthcare to be on track for a healthy life. 

Eligible students are able to receive the following services:

Well Child 



Behavioral/TeleBehavioral Health


Immunizations and/or COVID19 Vaccination

Population Health – Public Health Nurse, Patient Navigator, Trauma Services, Maternal Child Health, Fitness Coordinators, Diabetes Management, Case Management

Teen Clinic

Physical, Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy

Dental and Optometry screenings can be done at the schools. Comprehensive exams and/or follow-up appointments for students will be received at any of the Arapahoe, Ethete, or Riverton Clinics facilities.

How does this school based program work?

Here are the simple steps needed to ensure that your student receives health care services on-site at school or at any one of our WRFCHC Clinics:

  1. 1. Fill out the WRFCHC consent form sent home with your child, thoroughly. Please make sure to provide a primary phone number to contact you, the parent/guardian.
  2. 2. Mark all services that you DO give consent for your child to receive. 
  3. 3. Return the completed white and yellow copies to your child’s school, the pink copy is for your records(only if you receive a paper form copy).
  4. 4. A WRFCHC First Impressions Professional will make sure your student is registered properly as one of our patients. If your child has NOT been seen at one of our WRFCHC Clinics before, one of our First Impressions Professionals will work directly with you to register your child properly.
  5. 5. If your student is seeking Behavioral Health services and has not received such services before; a Behavioral Health provider will contact you directly for proper registration. 
  6. 6. WRFCHC will schedule school student appointments at the school or at one of our clinic facilities (Riverton, Arapahoe, Ethete) depending on location nearest to attending school or via tele-medicine and depending on the services being rendered. (Due to equipment needs, screenings for dental and optometry are available at designated schools).  However, a follow up appointment will be scheduled at one of the Riverton or Arapahoe clinic facilities for accurate and thorough care.
  7. 7. If a student is needing services at one of our Riverton, Arapahoe Ethete clinics, an appointment will be made for the student and it will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility to take their child to the appointment. 
  8. 8. WRFCHC will effectively communicate the outcome of your child’s services with you via letter home or a direct call from the provider. However, your adolescent student’s confidentiality around behavioral health and reproductive health will be maintained unless they waive it.

   ~ Our Wind River Cares S.T.A.R.S school based team is excited to provide preventative health care services for your students to maintain and promote a long, healthy, happy life. ~