Sacred Child Children’s Home

Sacred Child
Children's Home

Mission Statement
The mission of Sacred Child Children’s Home is to provide a refuge for children to heal and grow in a safe and happy environment.

Organizational Values:
We honor the whole person - mentally, physically, spiritually, and culturally. We respect the dignity of the children and the staff. We conduct ourselves safely and responsibly. Teamwork, effective communication, and accountability guide our everyday operations.

Services offered:
Medical, Dental, and Counseling through Wind River Family & Community Health Care

Cultural Activities: cedaring, sweat, gathering, beading, 12 teachings for native youth, and sewing.

Activities: park, swimming, snowboarding, camping, hiking and fishing

Service Population:
We accept children from birth to age 18 of any Tribal affiliation. The children in our care exhibit a need for housing based on neglect, abuse, homelessness, or other needs on a case-by-case basis. The ultimate goal is to reunite children with their families or stabilize them for transition to an appropriate alternative placement.

We currently have 18 beds, 3 of these beds are for crisis placements, and 15 beds are for foster placements. All placements are based on staffing and the level of care needed for each child.

The Sacred Child Children’s Home has been called many things over the years, it was most recently called Wind River Children's Home and before that, it was the Welcome House with Eagles Wings. Children are very important to our Tribal community.

In October of 2019, Sacred Child Children's Home fell under the direction of Wind River Family and Community Health Care. Due to the organization's strong beliefs in taking care of children and their future, the name was changed to Sacred Child Children’s Home.