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Program: Wind River Family & Community Healthcare
Salary: Negotiable
Opening Date: November 6th, 2019
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Hours: Monday - Friday, 40 Hour Work Week

Wind River Family & Community Health Care is seeking applicants for the position of Population Health Director. The purpose of this position is to be performing a full range of administrative duties in accordance with established Wind River Family and Community Health Care policies, procedures, and methods. This position reports directly to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Major Duties:

This position will be responsible for Community Health Care activities for the market, population health, care coordination, resources, and community partners.
Collaborate with Marketing Managers, Chaplains, Employee wellness staff, and volunteer coordinators to meet strategic short-term and long term goals.
Oversees the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP)
Ensure Compliance with 501r Regulations and implement best practices across the health system.
Discuss health concern in community forums
Strategize with public health shareholders to develop viable programs and interventions
Allocate resources, human and otherwise, to provide services for community care.
Evaluate demographics to prioritize health concerns
Organize funding, through community involvement and through grants
Other duties as assigned.
Knowledge Required:
Leadership Skills
Management Skills
Good Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills

Education and Experience:

Four year Bachelor's degree, with a study on social work, public administration, urban studies, or community health and wellness. Further studies may be applicable, but experience is required.
A minimum of five years of practical training is necessary for this position. You may complete this through supervised volunteer work in community services, or by completing an internship in community management.

Personal Attributes:

The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality and high ethical standards in performing the position. The incumbent needs to be respectful, possess cultural awareness and sensitivity, be flexible, and demonstrate sound work ethics.

How to Apply:

Complete a Northern Arapaho Tribal application form and submit it to the Northern Arapaho Human Resources program. Applications can be mailed to Northern Arapaho Human Resources, P.O. Box 396, Fort Washakie, WY 82514. Applications can also be hand delivered to Northern Arapaho Human Resources at the Tribal Complex Building, located at 533 Ethete Road, Ethete, WY, or delivered to HR Director Kim Edsitty at the administrative building in Riverton, WY.

Indian preference applies.

Application forms can be obtained on the Tribe’s website at or at

For more information please call 307-335-3964/3970, or 307-463-4473 ext 134. Fax Number: 307-335-3596.