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Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 8-5

Program: Wind River Family and Community Healthcare
Salary: Negotiable
Opening Date: July 18, 2019
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM

Job summary

The Wind River Children’s Home is located on the Wind River Indian Reservation and provide crisis services and out-of-home placement for children and youth. The Wind River Family and Community Health Care System (WRFCHCS) is located on the Wind River Indian Reservation located in south central Wyoming. We provide healthcare services to Northern Arapaho tribal members, to other federally-recognized tribal members and their descendants as well as to non-Indians living on and around the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The Case Manager position advertised is assigned to the Wind River Children Home. They will perform the triage, support and comprehensive care management of children/youth placed there by law enforcement, the court and by social service agencies. The Case Manager is responsible for the development of trauma – informed comprehensive case management services that includes development of an individual in-house, cross-system, child centric case plan designed to meet the developmental, social, medical, behavioral, and educational needs of the child during their time in residence. This case plan will be shared with appropriate agencies through appropriate release of information requests and to court authorized personnel. The Case Manager will also work in coordination with the tribal victim assistance personnel and with forensic child advocacy services to insure that trauma-informed approaches are utilized for children/youth referred for these services.

The Northern Arapaho Tribe also proposes to hire a halftime victim assistance/trauma services specialist coordinator to assist victims of crime whose cases are before the court. He/she will assist victims of violent crimes in applying for victim compensation, serving as an advocate for child/youth and adult victims of crime by tracking their cases, assisting in locating and arranging for resources, and accompanying them to court and parole board hearings.

The goal is to focus on the child/youth, victims of crime while rebuilding the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of his or her life, reduce the effects of trauma and promote healing. This not only helps these children/youth victims, but enhances their ability to return to safe family homes and succeed in school and in the community. This is a population health approach to crime victimization that addresses both the crisis and chronic effects of victimization across the health, education and human service system affecting these children/youth and families. Together, WRFCHCS and WRCH will provide victims and their families’ traditional and non-traditional services for improved life outcomes and reduced repeated court system involvement. Funding will help serve a much underserved population of child/youth victims of crime and their non-offending (secondary victims) families.

The DH provides leadership and administrative supervision over case managers in the Case Management Department which serves as a service ‘bridge’ for patients referred by all departments of WRFCHCS for specific professional and paraprofessional case management services. In this capacity, the Case Management DH will provide leadership, oversight, and in some cases, direct supervision over services delivered by a number of health and ancillary health professionals as well as serve as supervisor for non-licensed but trained paraprofessional personnel in the delivery of case management services. The DH will assess needs and plans, communicates and designs services using quality improvement tools.

The DH will assist in planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating and directing the overall operation of case manager services offered by WRFCHCS in accordance with current federal tribal, and applicable state standards, guidelines and regulations, established policies and procedures, and as directed WRFCHCS CEO.
Case managers play a critical role within the interdisciplinary patient care team, orchestrating the coordination of multiple services to ensure that the psychosocial, medical, and public health needs of each patient are met resulting in a positive impact on the social determinants of health.
Clinical and community based services are offered.
The Case Manager must be familiar with the WRFCHCS network of providers and other sources of services for referral, care plan procedures, admission and discharge processes, conducting family conferences, health system resource allocation methods, patient transportation and the special needs of children and adults with disabilities and those of victims of crimes.
Trauma – informed and culturally appropriate services are provided including services to victims of crime and interpersonal violence as well as for those experiencing crisis and chronic medical and emotional health conditions/situations.

This position requires: Wide knowledge of methods and principles of their medical social work and case management.
Ability to analyze situations accurately, maintain patient confidentiality, and to contribute to a positive work environment.
Knowledge of the principles and practices of public health, behavioral health, and health care and willingness to comply with all related laws and regulations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist in planning, developing, organizing, implementing, and directing the case management programs of the WRFCHCS
Assist in the development, administering and coordinating of the department policies and procedures
Keep abreast of current federal, state, and tribal regulations, as well as professional standards, and make recommendations on changes in policies and procedures to the Chief Clinical Operations Officer and CEO.
Review department policies and procedures, at least annually, and participate in making recommended changes.
Assist with developing and implementing policies and procedures for the identification of medically and behavioral health related social and emotional needs of patients
Participate in community planning related to the interests of the WRFCHCS and the services and needs of the patients and families
Participate in admissions and discharge planning for patients entering or returning from hospitalization nor institutionalization, development and implementation of social care plans and insure necessary services and equipment are arranged/provided by therapy, medical, transportation and home based providers
Perform administrative requirements, such as completing necessary forms, reports, data sheets, departmental budget, workflow requests, etc. and submitted such to the Chief Clinical Operations Officers, Grants Director or CEO as required.
Refer resident/families to appropriate social services when the WRFCHCS does not provide the services of needs of the residents and assist in the development of resources to met identified gaps in WRFCHCS services.
Conduct and document a social services intake and evaluation, including identification of patient/family problems/needs
Provide/arrange for social work/case management services as indicated by patient/family needs
Establish criteria to assure that care management services provided by the department meet established standards of quality
Arrange for/Implement social services interventions that achieve treatment goals, address patient needs, link social and behavioral health supports, physical care and physical environment to enhance the quality of life
Utilize assessment skills sufficient to evaluation patient’s behavior, to collect data to evaluate psycho-social needs, risk factors for psycho-social deterioration and residents’ response to interventions.
Conducting integrated care team meetings for creation of appropriate transdisciplinary case plans with designation of a primary case manager and monitor provision of services.
Provide periodic review of case plans on an established interval with feedback to providers provided through the electronic medical record or by other means.
Collect outcome data for submission to epidemiologist and care team.
Able to interpret and explain resident behavior as well as any culturally relevant information to staff in ways that fosters understanding, facilitates treatment and respect for resident rights and minimizes use of chemical and physical restraints
Coordinate telemedicine admissions and services.
Provide consultation and technical assistance on prevention and educational information of suicide, behavioral health practices, program development, applicable behavioral health regulations/standards, and policy and procedure criteria
Coordinate activities between mental health, social services, primary health care and substance abuse providers.
Arrange/Provide/supervise case management services for patients involuntarily committed to mental health facilities
Arrange/Provide/supervise case management services for victims of crime, domestic violence and sexual abuse and provide supervision Victim Services provided by WRFCHCS whether funded through federal/state grants or other resources
Arrange/provide/supervise case management services provided to special populations of patients served by WRFHCS including reentrants and those with crisis or chronic conditions and disabilities
Arrange/provide/supervise case management for children and youth receiving services from Wind River Cares4Kids pediatric medical home and school health, EPSDT, and peer support services for youth and adults.
Provide individual and family therapy on a triage and crisis basis –on-call rotation required.
Supervise operations of child advocacy center, sexual assault and domestic violence response teams services when provided by WRFCHCS
Assign case mangers based upon patient needs and appropriate education/experience of the case manager and coordinate case management and information sharing with other providers of case management services when they serve as primary case manager for the WRFCHCS patient.
Supervise and sign-off of work performed by non-licensed paraprofessional staff.
Arrange/provide for case management of telemedicine referrals/delivery
Meet with patients and family to review policies on advanced directives and durable powers of attorney for health care
Maintains a current list of health network and community resources to facilitate referrals
Participates in quality improvement activities, which reduce cost and increase efficiency through improved systems and processes

The candidate will demonstrate competencies and supervise other case managers in the following case management areas:

Develops effective therapeutic relations with patients who are predominantly Native American
Provides or refers patients for preventative care and treatment
Assesses patient’s educational needs and refers for additional health education, behavioral health, and maternal-child-health services as appropriate.
Promptly documents in the electronic health record and accurately documents for appropriate billing for services delivered following all applicable federal and state regulations.
Strives to insure all current case management standards are met
Refers patients as appropriate.
Complies with computer policies and learns to utilize telemedicine resources
Assists patients regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or disability without prejudice or bias
Maintains good working relationships within the department and with other departments
Treats all patients and staff members with respect and dignity
Follows established WRFCHCS policies and procedures for safety and infection control standards.
Performs all duties using safe practices for employees and patients.
Demonstrates the ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations.
Readily performs other duties as assigned within scope of practice.

Professional requirements:

Maximize healthcare quality
Mange clinical impacts
Apply reasonable judgment
Superior assessment and problem solving skills
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Strong interpersonal skills with residents, family members, team members, and medical providers
Leadership/Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams
Working knowledge of personal computer and software applications used in job functions (word, google docs. Graphics, databases, spreadsheets)
Experience with Electronic Health Record a plus or will train.
Ability to supervise, instruct, and motivate others
Working knowledge and ability to apply professional standards of social work practice in job situations
Appearance is neat and clean
Wears identification while on duty
Reports to work on time and as scheduled
Attends clinic and clinician meetings, annual review, cultural trainings, and in-services as scheduled
Maintains patient confidentiality at all times and follow HIPAA and Code of Conduct requirements
Communicates and abides by WRFCHCS mission, vision, values, ethics and guiding principles.
Personal Effectiveness-take initiative to do more than is required in job assignment.
Expresses self confidence in stating opinions and when called upon to make decisions.
Handle failure constructively with emphasis on opportunity to learn from mistakes.


Education and Minimum Qualifications:
Master’s Degree of Social Work with a Bachelor’s in Social Work as undergraduate degree preferred.
Must possess and maintain a current and unrestricted license as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in any State, Territory, District of Columbia or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Must also possess at least (3) years of experience as a social worker in a medical or health care setting or possess substantially similar experience in performing case management that involves working with both medical and behavioral health staff
Must also have a minimum of (2) years clinical counseling experience as a LCSW that included services to victims of crime and possess (2) years of administrative/supervisory experience.
The candidate will serve as the licensed personnel responsible for the supervision and sign-off of work performed by non-licensed paraprofessional staff.

Additional Experience and skills:

Experience in providing consultation and technical assistance on prevention and educational information on suicide, behavioral health practices, program development, applicable behavioral health regulations/standards and policy and procedure criteria.
Experience in coordinating activities between medical providers, mental health and substance abuse providers, and social service systems.
Experience in assisting in planning, developing implementing coordinating, monitoring and evaluating case management and medical social work programs.
Experience in assisting patients and their families in utilizing available community, state, tribal and federal resources for the purpose of improving their social, physical, and psychological health and in reduction of health disparities
Experience in trauma-informed approaches to the delivery of medical, behavioral and social services including services to victims of crime.
Experience in updating policies and procedures on an annual basis to be consistent with current practices and accreditation guidelines.
Experience in assisting patients and their families in utilizing available community, tribal, state and federal resources for the purposes of improving their physical and psychological health.
Experience in reporting on patients who are involuntarily committed or otherwise institutionalized and in arranging for admission and discharge planning through continuous case management.
Experience in serving as liaison between patient, physician/clinic and other members of the team including community, state and federal agencies.
Complete daily, weekly and monthly statistical and narrative reports on all services provided
Experience in the provision of crisis triage individual and family therapy
A record of satisfactory performance in all prior and current employment as evidenced by positive employment references from previous and current employers.

All employment references must address and indicate success in each of the following areas:

Possession of high ethical standards
Reliable and dependable; reports to work as scheduled without excessive absences
Effective verbal and written communication skills; exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are essential
Ability to prioritize duties and work independently; must be self-motivated
Experience with Microsoft Office, Google Docs and other computer applications
Excellent clinical skills and judgement
Experience working with Native American populations a plus.

Position Requirements:

Permanent, Full Time with on-call rotation
Position: Case Manager Department Head
This is an Exempt position
Open Date: Open until filled
Location: WRFCHC Clinical sites on the Wind River Indian Reservation and throughout the community
Addition Qualifiers:
The applicant must participate in and qualify for their position pursuant to the WRFCHCS Child Background and Character Investigation Participation policy and procedure which includes a Central Registry Child Protection and adjudicated background check.
American Indian Preference is given.

Personal Attributes:

The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality and high ethical standards in performing the position. The incumbent needs to be respectful, possess cultural awareness and sensitivity, be flexible, and demonstrate sound work ethics.

How to apply:

Complete a Northern Arapaho Tribal application form and submit it to the Northern Arapaho Human Resources program. Applications can also be hand delivered to Northern Arapaho Human Resources at the Tribal Complex Building, located at 533 Ethete Road, Ethete, WY., or to the WRFCHC HR Department, 120 North 6th East, Riverton, WY.

Indian preference applies.

Application forms and the full job description can be obtained on the Tribe’s website at or at

For more information please call 307-856-9281 Ext. 120, or 307-463-4473.